Polish cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. However, Mediterranean cuisine has been at the top of the “Taste Atlas” ranking for years. In the Taste Atlas ranking, Polish cuisine was ranked 14th, ahead of German, Croatian and Argentinian.

Polish cuisine shows the influence of various regions and ethnic groups, from Jewish, Italian, German and French to Russian and even Mongolian and Turkish. The basis of the cuisine of our ancestors was carbohydrates – root vegetables and legumes. In addition, some meat was eaten, such as venison, pork, poultry and fish, primarily freshwater. In addition, Polish cuisine includes home-made milk products and fruit and vegetable preserves.

The most popular Polish dishes include: pierogi, kasha, noodles, stuffed cabbage, pork chop, minced cutlet, bigos, meat jelly, pork knuckle, soups (żurek, cabbage soup, krupnik, red borscht, broth, tomato soup, cucumber soup, mushroom soup, pea soup, cold soup), cabbage and potato dishes, bread (rye and wheat bread), cakes, curd cheese, and all kinds of meat (mainly pork, poultry and beef) variously prepared, and to a lesser extent sea fish and freshwater. A specific Polish dessert is faworki, other pastries are also popular, including babka, makowiec, cheesecake, gingerbread and donuts.

Sample dishes from Polish cuisine

Kotlet schabowy



A popular drink is tea, often with a slice of lemon and sweetened with sugar. Tea came to Poland from England shortly after its appearance in Western Europe (thanks to Dutch merchants).

Tastes typical of Polish cuisine include:

slightly fermented or pickled – e.g. cucumbers, cabbage, sour milk, kvass
moderately spicy – typical horseradish, newer mustard, chives, onion, garlic and overseas pepper
herbal – spices typical for Polish cuisine: juniper, hops, mustard, lovage, thyme, nigella, overseas nutmeg, anise, caraway
sour – sour cream, cabbage and pickled cucumbers
sour-sweet – obtained typically with apples, cranberries and other fruits added to dishes

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