Museum of the Sochaczew Land and Battles on the Bzura River

It is located in the classicist building of the town hall in Sochaczew from the 1830s. During the September Campaign of 1939, the town hall housed the city defense command post. The seat of the museum has been located in the town hall building since 1977. It presents exhibits from the times of World War II, including: small arms, equipment, documents, photos, uniforms and equipment of soldiers of the Polish Army

Permanent exhibitions

Battle Field 1939-1945

The main part of the exhibition is small arms, equipment, equipment, uniforms, photos and documents of Polish Army soldiers fighting in the Battle of the Bzura River in 1939.

"On the Bzura no change"

“On the Bzura without changes” is the only permanent exhibition in Poland about the positional battles of World War I in Mazovia. Travel back in time and follow the dramatic events from the front.

"From the history of Sochaczew"

Three rooms on the ground floor of the building are devoted to the history of our city. There are archaeological monuments excavated during excavations in Sochaczew and the surrounding area.

"The past is hidden in the ground"

The archaeological exhibition shows exhibits related to the prehistory and the Middle Ages of the Sochaczew Land.

Museum open-air museum of combat equipment

In the courtyard of the Museum, we present an open-air exhibition of the combat equipment of the Polish Army.

T24/80 tank 75mm                          WWII artillery                                   WW II artillery                              The MiG-21 aircraft R version       A small armored vehicle